The Hot Dog Tree
Die Bad Robots Die! - all about that fateful trip to itchy and scrathy land
Disco Stu - Music from South Park, lyrics from simpsons...a dangerous mix
The Funky Grandpa - If this one dosen't scare you away, nothing will
It's comming up Milhouse - Why DID he have the bowl?
Moe - bartenders do it till you barf.
Seven Short Songs - from morals and ethics, to loving flanders
We Do - that classic theme from our favorite secert organization, the stonecutters
There will be more songs to come, as well as better recordings with our new drummer. If you'd rather use it, you can download at the old server.

Apu's KwikeMart song - Mary Prankster requested it, We try our best to deliver.
Best Summer Ever - a ballad about our "happy AND angry" friend ralph.
Stone Age Memories - One of our few non-simpsons related songs. Its all about Andy missing The Flintstones.
End of Underdog - Bugsy zaps himself with the mic at the end of this cover. Isn't pain funny?